Stepping Up

A Powerful Coaching Programme for Women Who Want to Step UP in their career or business


Stepping Up is an online coaching programme, with lifelong access to all materials. Stepping up helps women to get out of their own way, get clear on their strengths, get clear on what they want and to step up to achieve their career or business goals.

Here is an overview of the curriculum of Stepping Up:

Why "Stepping Up"?

Because women are notoriously bad at recognising our talents, yet we're bloomin' good at beating ourselves up.  Result? We reign ourselves in and we don't go for what we really want. And I'm fed up with that - fed up with seeing briliant, talented women holding themselves back, tying themselves up in knots, worrying about what others think and being too scared to strive for more.

Life is too short to be afraid. But I know that’s easier said than done. Stepping Up is about squashing the “fear gremlins” and getting you to live more fearlessly. I'm motivated by my clients actually getting results: I created Stepping Up to help you to get you out of your own way.

What Would You Do if You Believed You Could Achieve Anything?

You might have a goal that is something like one of these:

  • Achieve a promotion at work
  • Go for your dream job. (You might be holding yourself back because you don’t believe you can or you might be scared that you won’t be able to find your dream job AND get the flexibility you need for your lifestyle)
  • Quit your job and set up your own professional practice or business
  • Go for a big, lifelong goal – something you’ve never really shared with anyone because it’s just so outrageous or blush-worthy

I can help you step up, you smarty-pants-but-don’t-know-quite-how-smarty pants-you-really-are woman!

And we can do this  without you having to abandon your busy life. It’s not painful.

About Your Stepping Up Coach

I’ve been around for a long time as a Coach! Well – almost 15 years.

I've been awarded Coach Mentor of the Year in the Women Inspiring Women Awards. I’ve been lauded and applauded and all that jazz. I’m certified as a Professional Certified Coach with the ICF. I'm a Sage Business Expert, I blog for people like the ICF, Ever Coach and the Huff Post. I have coached people across the globe and my practice spans life coaching to corporate/executive coaching and mentor coaching for other coaches.

But the most important thing is that how YOU feel about me as your Coach. And as you read this, you'll either feel right about me as your Coach or you won't. If you feel right, then chances are, you and I will be a good match.

"It feels like I have finally come full circle. I am starting to get back to being ME. I am no longer willing to put myself and my skills on the back burner just because I am afraid of what people think. Stepping up has helped me to move forwards and has meant more to me that I can ever explain. Thank you Amanda for making all this possible and thank you to all my fabulous fellow Stepping Up members who have inspired and encouraged me. Onwards and upwards!”

This is What Stepping up Looks Like

Stepping Up is an online coaching programme to help YOU to get out of your own way and step up! 
“I understand myself better now and am aware when I am becoming overwhelmed and can take action to reduce this….I recognise when things are getting too much and can stop now rather than spinning myself into a whirl of crazy activity that makes me burn out…The huge difference for me as a result of the stepping up programme is that I have realised that I have a lot of self confidence”

Here are the 6 main outcomes I want for you from Stepping Up:

What You'll Get on Stepping Up

  • 5 x Recorded Coaching Calls with Amanda

  • 5 x Stepping Up Masterclasses
You'll get access to 5 masterclasses (3 audio only, 2 with video and audio). Taught by me and 4 of my hand-picked experts, uploaded to your private Stepping Up members' area once a fortnight. Once you enrol, I'll give you instant access to the first teleclass on values.

These masterclasses ill give you the essential foundations you need to get out of your own way and get on with achieving whatever you want in life.

In these teleclasses, you will give you the motivation, knowledge and inspiration you need to Step Up:

  Masterclass 1: To give you more clarity and direction

You'll learn how to identify your core values so that you can get crystal clear on your direction. You know what they say about the importance of focus! Getting clear on your values will have a domino effect on your clarity, direction and focus.

   Masterclass 2: To keep you strong and on track even when the going gets tough

You'll learn about the 9 "little devils" that make you doubt yourself and make you afraid. And you'll learn how to conquer these little devils, how to build your resilience so that you can keep going even when life isn't a smooth upwards trajectory.

   Masterclass 3: To understand and eliminate the limiting beliefs that hold you back

You'll learn WHY you have those thoughts that tell you that you're not good enough, that you can't possibly see how you can achieve your thing. And you'll learn simple, highly effective techniques to quieten the voices in your head and replace them with positive, empowering and enthusiastic "can do" beliefs

   Masterclass 4: To make you into a more confident woman

We ALL know that confidence is the key to success, perhaps more than anything else. If you've got talent but no confidence, you won't get anywhere. True self-confidence is so elusive for most women, but this masterclass will reveal the secrets to growing your confidence.

   Masterclass 5: To help you to make big leaps to get to where you want to be

You'll get inspired and motivated in this masterclass with Suzy Greaves, my own Coach, Editor of Psychologies and author of "The Big Leap" and "The Big Peace". I work with Suzy because she makes big leaps in her life. I make big leaps in my own life. Stepping Up is about making big leaps and this masterclass will inspire you to do just that!

I joined Stepping UP because I wanted to build resilience and get more confidence and get clear on options for changing my job. I am now braver, I love myself and I focus on the positive. I dream big now...I'm living more in line with my values. I allow myself to shine and I'm kinder to myself. I'm proud of my strengths rather than apologetic or overly humble. My family have noticed I'm happier, more confident, stronger and more "me"

Claire B

  • Raising your self-awareness so that you can make better choices that move you forward (rather than hold you back). Awareness is the precursor to choice!
  • Equiping you with a “toolkit” of coaching techniques to make you more courageous, stronger, more positive, more resilient, happier and more confident.
  • Helping you to identify positive and sustainable new habits to replace the bad old ones.

It’s been such a life changing experience on so many levels
Kim Plummer

These are the 3 core areas that we’ll be focusing on:

   1. Who Are You, What's Important to You

I'll help you to understand your core values and your core needs. When you've elicited your values and needs, everything else falls into place so much more easily. Think of it as plastering your walls and getting rid of the cracks BEFORE you paint them a shiny new colour. We want that colour to STICK!

   2. Strong Confidence and Self-Belief

You KNOW how important self-belief and confidence are. This is at the heart of Stepping Up and I’ve already talked a lot about it. You need to believe in yourself to have any chance of achieving your goals. And you need confidence to put the inner work into practical steps. So we are going to build your confidence in Stepping Up: Let’s help you to understand "Imposter Syndrome" and how to get rid of it. Let’s get you stepping up and living your life without fear of what others will think or what might happen if you fail.

   3. Personal Resilience for Success

Resilience is essential to 21st century life. This is so much more than just the ability to “bounce back”. Resilient people are more likely to see opportunities and actually grow from setbacks. Lots of work on self-awareness here! None of us have the luxury of living in a vacuum. Sh1t happens, but I want you to enjoy the journey and incorporate joy, fun and lightness along the way – even when you’ve got stuff to deal with that you can’t just “push aside”. Building your resilience allows you to get better focus so that you can resist the never-ending distractions that slow you down from achieving your goals. Let’s get you STRONG.

The huge difference for me as a result of the stepping up programme is that I have realised that I have a lot of self confidence.
Sarah F

At the heart of Stepping Up, I will coach you to help you with the questions that you need to answer in order to get out of your own way

Questions like these:

  • Am I good enough?
  • What’s important to me?
  • How can I make better decisions?
  • How can I start trusting myself more?
  • How can I be courageous and strong?
  • How can I get rid of that creeping fear that sometimes makes me want to hide under the bedclothes?
  • How can I believe in myself as much as others believe in me?
  • How can I be kinder to myself?
  • What small steps can I take next that will move me forward?

This is the start of something amazing. I have loved stepping up, it's made a massive positive impact for me

"My original goal for Stepping UP was to believe in myself, even when things were tough. When I look at my timid little mouse-like emails that I sent to you initially, I can see how I had allowed myself to be side-lined in so many ways. In just a few short weeks I feel so different, and its changed not only the way that I am viewing my work but also the way in which I view my relationships with friends, and those who really aren’t my friends. You gave me an opportunity to step out from under my shady leaf...Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for believing in me and for Stepping Up with me. It’s made a massive difference to how I feel about myself and my life.
Kim P

Stepping Up has been an incredibly helpful, uplifting and inspiring experience - thank you so much Amanda. Not only have I learnt a lot about myself and what has been holding me back for so long, but I have had the privilege to share the journey with 11 amazing, supportive women.
Jane G

Thank you so much for all the support, encouragement and wonderful coaching that you did with me. Being clear on my skills, strengths and values helped me to put them across succinctly and positively and 'step up'. I am being brave, being bold and it feels fantastic. Thank you.
Claire B

What's included?

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Getting Started with Stepping Up
Essential Info
Stepping Up Questionnaire.doc
67.5 KB
Coaching Session 1: Goals and Vision
Watch! >> Coaching Session 1 Video
(1h 23m 05s)
Listen! >> Coaching Session 1 Audio Only Version
(1h 23m 05s)
PDF of Slides with Coaching Questions
254 KB
Coaching Session 2: Values
Watch! >> Coaching Session 2 Video
(1h 17m 35s)
Listen! >> Coaching session 2 audio
(1h 17m 35s)
PDF of slides with Coaching Exercise
2.74 MB
Coaching Session 3: Creating Helpful New Beliefs (part 1)
An Introduction to the Belief Change Process
The French Burgess Belief Gates Model
27.2 KB
Watch! >> Coaching Session 3
(1h 02m 18s)
Listen! >> Coaching Session 3 Audio Only Version
(1h 02m 18s)
PDF of Slides
654 KB
Belief Change System 6 Steps on a Page Summary
10.5 KB
Worksheet 1: Create your desired outcome
172 KB
Worksheet 2: Beliefs Audit
154 KB
Coaching Session 4: Creating Helpful New Beliefs (part 2)
60 mins
Listen! >> Coaching Session 4 Audio Only Version
60 mins
PDF of Slides with Coaching Questions
946 KB
Coaching Session 5: Finding and Replacing Limiting Assumptions
Watch! >> Coaching Session 5 Video
(1h 19m 14s)
Listen! >> Coaching Session 5 Audio Only Version
(1h 19m 14s)
PDF of Slides with Coaching Questions
209 KB
Coaching Session 6: Celebrate achievements and maintain momentum
Watch! >> Coaching Session 6 Video
(1h 29m 16s)
Listen! >> Coaching Session 6 Audio Only Version
(1h 29m 16s)
PDF Slides
219 KB
Master Class Bundle 1: To give you more clarity and direction
What's in this bundle
Introduction to Compelling Vision
Try it! >> Creating Your Compelling Vision Workbook
378 KB
Listen! >> How to Create a Compelling Vision
37 mins
Listen! >> Values Class
(1h 06m 22s)
Introduction to Identify your Core Values
Try it! >> "90 today" Values Exercise
68.8 KB
Watch! >> Personal Values at Work Class
59 mins
Listen! >> Personal Values at Work Class
59 mins
Try it! >> Personal Values at Work Workbook
85.4 KB
Master Class Bundle 2: To help you to know yourself
Master Class Bundle 2: What's in this bundle
Try it! >> Stepping Up The Six Questions Challenge
76.5 KB
Watch! >> Identifying Your Needs Class
(1h 08m 46s)
Listen! >> Needs Class
(1h 08m 46s)
PDF Needs Class Slides
445 KB
Read! >> Needs Class Transcript
265 KB
Try it! >> Stepping Up Needs Exercise
57.1 KB
Watch! >> Knowing Yourself Class
(1h 08m 45s)
Listen! >> Knowing Yourself Class
445 KB
PDF Knowing Yourself Slides
(1h 08m 45s)
Masterclass Bundle 3: To understand and eliminate limiting beliefs
Masterclass Bundle 3: What's in this bundle
Watch! >> Masterclass to Fix Limiting Beliefs and Get Unstuck
(1h 09m 48s)
2015-06 FaB Club Masterclass Self Belief - AKA How to get out of your own way with Amanda Alexander PDF
3.34 MB
2014-02 FaB Club Coaching Defeat Limiting Beliefs-1
(1h 09m 48s)
2014-02 FaB Club Coaching Call From self-doubt to self belief Transcript
300 KB
2014-03 FaB Club Coaching Call Defeat Self-Limiting Beliefs-2
(1h 18m 20s)
Listen! >> Masterclass to Fix Limiting Beliefs and Get Unstuck
(1h 15m 42s)
Masterclass Fix Limiting Beliefs and Get Unstuck PDF of Slides
2.94 MB
Listen! >> Masterclass on Self Belief - AKA How to get out of your own way
(1h 06m 01s)
Watch! >> Masterclass on Self Belief - AKA How to get out of your own way
(1h 06m 01s)
Masterclass on Self Belief - AKA How to get out of your own way PDF of Slides
3.34 MB
Masterclass Bundle 4: To build confidence
Masterclass Bundle 4: What's in this bundle
Listen! >> How to be a confident woman master class
(1h 15m 24s)
Watch! >> How to be confident at work master class
(1h 02m 03s)
Watch! >> Confidence Class: How to Fake It Until You Make It!
(1h 03m 46s)
Listen! >> Confidence - Fake it Until You Make It
(1h 03m 46s)
Read! >> Confidence - Fake it Until You Make It Transcript
229 KB
Master Class Bundle 5: To help you make big leaps
Master Class Bundle 5: What's in this bundle
Listen! >> Making the Big Leap Master Class
(1h 08m 38s)
Read! >> Making the Big Leap Master Class Transcript
253 KB
Master Class Bundle 6: To keep you strong, tenacious and with a sense of balance
Master Class Bundle 6: What's in this bundle
Watch! >> POWER to Live More Master Class
(1h 10m 53s)
Watch! >> How to Deal With Overwhelm Class
(1h 11m 25s)
Listen! >> How to Deal With Overwhelm Master Class
(1h 11m 25s)
Watch! >> 10 Principles for Fulfilment and Balance Master Class
(1h 21m 17s)
Listen! >> 10 Principles for Fulfilment and Balance Master Class
(1h 21m 17s)
Read! >> 10 Principles for Fulfilment and Balance Guided Transcript
201 KB

Build a Business You'll Love | Career Transition | Gain Self Confidence | Achieve Fulfilment and Work Life Balance

Amanda Alexander is an award-winning Professional Certified Coach with a global reputation focused on developing emotionally intelligent and resilient leaders and developing sustainable and fulfilling work-life integration. She transitioned from IT Project Management to Coaching in 2003. 

 From her original niche supporting working parents Amanda has been featured many times in the media, including broadsheets such as The Times, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and The Independent. She was even hailed as one of the UK’s “Top Life Coaches” by the Daily Mail  - a dubious honour ;)! 
 Amanda is an expert blogger for the Huffington Post, ICF and Psychologies Magazine and is on the panel of Sage Small Business experts. 

 Her corporate clients include Allianz, BBC, Sage Software, Bank of Scotland, Herbert Smith, Welsh Water, Co-operative Bank, Urenco (BNFL), ICAEW, Citibank, London School of Economics and HSBC. 
Amanda is a technophile (except when it goes wrong) and has embraced the world of online teaching as an early adopter:  In 2007, she took an in-depth course on creating online training courses and multimedia membership sites.  In 2008, she launched her first virtual group coaching programme and in March 2009, she was invited to become a resident expert on Citrix’s newly formed “Workshifting” team.  Workshifting was a term Citrix coined as an updated definition for “telecommuting” and “remote working”, incorporating Citrix technology, including their GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting platforms. 

This led to Amanda gaining expertise in using webinar technology and  she has designed, marketed and facilitated online events and virtual learning environments for both small groups and large audiences of 200+. She has also created several of her own online learning programmes and a membership site, and has taught many coaches to do the same.