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Amanda's Amazing Tropic Team

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Team training: Recordings of coaching/mentoring calls and other useful stuff

Access to this area is FREE for members of Amanda's Tropic team only.  The price shown is the cost of starting your own Tropic business.  For £160, you'll get over £340  worth of Tropic natural skincare and make up, plus your business tools starter pack. However, DO NOT purchase here!  Read on to learn more...

If you like the idea of:

  • Earning more money and building a "love" business on the side to support your financial freedom goals 
  • Having Amanda as your "forever business mentor", getting free coaching and mentoring to help you achieve your biggest dreams
  • Becoming part of Amanda's amazing new team of brilliant women who are already building their own Tropic businesses
  • A business that walks its talk about becoming carbon neutral, using all natural ,fresh ingredients and is strictly NO animal testing (it takes a lot to be awarded the leaping bunny symbol)
  • Being part of the multi million pound emerging trend of the "green beauty revolution" 
  • Using and enthusing about gorgeous fresh, natural products that actually WORK! 
  • "Working" for a company whose values are Pure, Honest, Effective
  • Being part of Amanda's team whose values are Fun, Freedom, Integrity and Human Connection 
  • "Working" for a company that consistently celebrates, acknowledges and rewards women for their achievements
  • Winning incentive prizes. Like, say... an all expenses paid 5 star trip to Mauritius! Yes please!
  • Being part of a company 50% owned by Lord Alan Sugar
  • Being part of a company that is only 4 years old, but which has been voted 14th fastest growing company by the Sunday Times
  • Being part of a company that has just been awarded "Best Emerging Brand" in the UK (previous winners Cath Kidston, Jimmy Choo and Fever-Tree)
  • Suspending disbelief and being open to the possibility that you CAN build a business with ease and elegance, whilst having a lot of fun at the same time

Then you might have found Nirvana! I'm looking for fabulous women who share my values and who dare to dream bigger. If the above strikes a chord for you, let's chat!

It might sound too good to be true, but it's not.  Of course, it takes time, resilience and application to create a successful business and this is no magical get rich quick scheme. 

Click here to discover the Ambassador opportunity

And if you want to know why I'm so passionate about Tropic, call me for a chat on 07739 692989

What's included?

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Team Coaching Call 7th September 2018
49 mins
How to save useful videos from Facebook onto your computer.mp4
2 mins
Team Coaching Call 10th August 2018
(1h 11m 36s)
Intro to Capsule CRM.mp4
10 mins
Coaching with New Starter Kathryn 26th June 2018
(1h 57m 15s)
23rd April 2018 Team Meeting
59 mins
9th April 2018 Team Call
(1h 05m 54s)
2018-03-19 Team Meeting
(1h 13m 52s)
New product training March 2018.docx
23.2 KB
How to Be a Pamper Queen - Video Training
44 mins
22nd January 2018 Team Meeting
31 mins
25th October 2017 Team Meeting
47 mins
How to Recruit with Marie-Claire Carlyle 30th October 2018
(1h 48m 45s)
September 2017 new products webinar with Marie-Claire
(1h 00m 37s)
18th July 2017 Team Meeting
29 mins
How to Be Successful With Your Tropic Business - Be Inspired!
41 mins
12th July 2017 Team Meeting
54 mins
How to Use Tropic Ordering System Screencast Training
18 mins
Team Meeting 30th April.mp3
40 mins
Letter to customers re Tropic spring summer 2018.docx
18.6 KB
7.67 MB
7.67 MB
Tropic Shampoo Experiment with Dyed Red Hair - Video
5 mins

Build a Business You'll Love | Career Transition | Gain Self Confidence | Achieve Fulfilment and Work Life Balance

Amanda Alexander is an award-winning Professional Certified Coach with a global reputation focused on developing emotionally intelligent and resilient leaders and developing sustainable and fulfilling work-life integration. She transitioned from IT Project Management to Coaching in 2003. 

 From her original niche supporting working parents Amanda has been featured many times in the media, including broadsheets such as The Times, Sunday Times, Sunday Telegraph and The Independent. She was even hailed as one of the UK’s “Top Life Coaches” by the Daily Mail  - a dubious honour ;)! 
 Amanda is an expert blogger for the Huffington Post, ICF and Psychologies Magazine and is on the panel of Sage Small Business experts. 

 Her corporate clients include Allianz, BBC, Sage Software, Bank of Scotland, Herbert Smith, Welsh Water, Co-operative Bank, Urenco (BNFL), ICAEW, Citibank, London School of Economics and HSBC. 
Amanda is a technophile (except when it goes wrong) and has embraced the world of online teaching as an early adopter:  In 2007, she took an in-depth course on creating online training courses and multimedia membership sites.  In 2008, she launched her first virtual group coaching programme and in March 2009, she was invited to become a resident expert on Citrix’s newly formed “Workshifting” team.  Workshifting was a term Citrix coined as an updated definition for “telecommuting” and “remote working”, incorporating Citrix technology, including their GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting platforms. 

This led to Amanda gaining expertise in using webinar technology and  she has designed, marketed and facilitated online events and virtual learning environments for both small groups and large audiences of 200+. She has also created several of her own online learning programmes and a membership site, and has taught many coaches to do the same.